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If You Get Pulled Over

Why Would A Deputy Sheriff Stop You?There are many different reasons why you may be stopped by a law enforcement officer. Whatever the reason, your cooperation is requested and appreciated. A few of the possible reasons for being stopped:

• The Deputy may want to warn you about a potentially dangerous situation.
• You may have committed a traffic violation.
• Your vehicle may match the description of one used in a criminal act.
• The Deputy might think you are in trouble and need help.
• You may have knowingly or unknowingly witnessed a crime.

If you are stopped by a Deputy while driving, you may be confused, anxious, or even angry. These are natural feelings, but remember, traffic stops can also be stressful and dangerous for the Deputy.


Each year, a number of law enforcement officers are killed or injured while making a “routine” traffic stop. Officers are especially vulnerable during the hours of darkness. With this in mind, there are things you, as a law abiding citizen, can do to lessen the uneasiness of the experience.



What Should You Do If Stopped By A Deputy Sheriff?




If you have a question about these procedures or a complaint about your treatment, contact the Sheriff’s Department and ask to speak with a supervisor. You may also send a letter of compliment if you feel the Deputy was particularly helpful in your situation. Compliments or complaints about officer conduct should be specific and made within a reasonable time.