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Departmental History

In 1849, the first jail built in Noble County was constructed of logs..

It was from this first jail that the notorious blackleg William DThe First Noble County  Jail. Hill and John Wilson escaped in March of 1859.


The second jail, pictured to the right, was built in 1876 at a cost of $25,002.00 by George Harvey of Albion and was wired for electricity in 1908. This jail is on Indiana's Historical Registry, and is open to the public with scheduled hours.


In November of 1967, the third jail was opened on the east side of Albion. This facility was 13,000 square feet, constructed at a cost of $386,000.00 and held 22 inmates. Two small additions were later added for an additional 18 inmates and a dispatch room.


The First Noble County  Jail

In 1999, the construction of the current 73, 187 square foot jail was completed at a cost of approximately 8.4 million dollars. The construction process consisted of removing part of the existing (1967) jail area, remodeling other portions, and the construction of the new jail complex which now houses up to 263 inmates.






Noble County Sheriff Listing

1836: James Hosteter 1840: John Humphreys
Mason M. Meriam
Harrison Wood
William E. Bowen
Isaac Swarthout
1857: David S. Simons
Solomon Crossley
Robison Ramsby
Moses Kiser
1873: David Hough
1874: Nathaniel Eagles 1878: Richard Williams 1880: William E. Riddle 1882: Samuel Braden Jr.
1886: Richard Williams 1888: George McClean 1890: Jacob H. Shauck 1894: Christopher Simon
1898: Harry Bell 1902: William F. Metz 1906: Perry J. Stanley 1910: John C. Cleland
1914: Albert D. Sawyer 1918: Charles Black 1922: William Hoffman 1924: John V. Signleton
1928: William Hoffman 1932: Ivan Cazier 1936: Roscoe Rimmell 1938: Marion Galloway
1942: John V. Singleton 1946: Charles Haas 1958: Russell Lindsey 1966: Roy Sayles Jr.
1974: John Stoner 1982: Don Leitch 1986: Gary Dial 1994: Douglas K. Dukes
2002: Gary D. Leatherman 2010: Douglas A. Harp




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Read More About Our HistoryDid You Know??? The First Noble County Jail was constructed in 1849.