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Specialized Teams: K9 Unit

Currently, the Noble County Sheriff’s Department has one K-9s, “Lasco” in service. His handler is Deputy Doug Ewell.


Doug and Lasco
Deputy Doug Ewell, after several years of service, completed the 13 week training with his dog Lasco in June of 2006.



Photographed Above: K9 Lasco, handled by Deputy Doug Ewell.

K9 Zander

Photographed at left is K9 Zander. He was retired from service in 2012. His handler Deputy David Worman remains with our Department as the School Resource Officer at Central Noble School Corporation.

K9 Grim

Photographed at left is K-9 Grim. He was retired from service due to an injury in 2007 and passed away in August, 2009. and his handler, Deputy David Worman joined the Noble County Sheriff’s Department in December 2004, after having served as a deputy with the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department.

The K-9s are trained in drug detection, tracking, apprehension, building searches and officer protection. In addition, their capabilities are utilized in tracking lost or missing children and adults with physical or mental impairments.


Both the handlers and K-9s complete an intense 14-week training course prior to being certified for police service. Standards emphasize obedience first, then agility, article/evidence search, criminal apprehension and handler protection.


How can we help the community?

K-9 units can be used for demonstrations and educational purposes at our local schools. In addition, the K-9s can be used for drug detection purposes in the common areas of the school grounds. Besides “sniffing” for drugs and/or paraphernalia, the unscheduled presence of K-9s within a school setting is an excellent deterrent against bringing illegal drugs onto school grounds.


Business owners, who desire to maintain a drug-free work environment, may request the assistance of law enforcement. K-9s are available to conduct limited area searches inside a facility or to detect vehicles that may have been used to transport drugs onto business property without disrupting operations.


Below Are Various Noble County K-9 Photos.

K9 Photo K9 Photo K9 Photo
K9 Photo
K9 Photo K9 Photo